For the night owl: How to make night studying productive

‘Burning the midnight oil’ might be a popular cliché, but not everyone who stays up all night trying hard to get some facts into their head are successful. Night time studying needs discipline, just like any other hour of the day, in fact a lot more. Today, brings to you 3 tips on How to make night studying productive:

  1. Make sure you EAT: A half empty stomach can cause lack of concentration while studying and it is extremely crucial to have a proper meal. But don’t overdo the carbohydrates like rice or you might end up feeling too sleepy to study. So, the key to night time study session is eating just the right amount to keep yourself full and happy.
  1. Don’t binge on Coffee: A cup or two might be just right, but juggling down half a dozen cups will do more harm than good. Too much caffeine can make your brain hyper active and you will end up losing your ability to concentrate.  For more help search CAIA study group  online.
  1. Study in the right Light: If are regularly into night time studying and pull all-nighters, make sure that the lighting is proper. Table lamps are good for one or two days but will strain your eyes in the long run. Instead, opt for CFLs to make the most out of your night study sessions.