This Concise Abs After 40 Review Will Teach You About Mark Mcilyar’s New Workout Plan

As men get close to age forty or fifty, their bodies do not respond to exercise the same way they did in earlier in life. Fitness model and exercise expert Mark Mcilyar had his own struggles staying in shape once he was over the age of 40, and he ended up using his own experience to create the Abs After 40 workout program.

As the name implies, Mcilyar’s new workout program is designed to help men over 40 jump start fat loss and achieve sculpted abs. Even if a six pack is not your end goal, the Abs After 40 program can help middle aged men achieve optimum health.

The Abs After 40 program features three phases designed to help you transform your body’s hormones and fat burning ability. Each phase focuses on a different goal including jump starting fat burning, balancing hormones, and achieving long lasting results.

Phase 1 focuses on restarting the body’s ability to burn fat. As hormone production declines, so does the body’s ability to burn fat. Also, the Abs After 40 program shifts the focus from long cardio workout, to more effective, low-impact exercise. In Phase 2, the program helps improve testosterone production, maximizing the program's effectiveness. In the final phase, balanced hormones help to kick the body's fat burning ability into overdrive.

You can get a complete Abs After 40 review from several authority websites to learn more about Mark Mcilyar's workout program designed for men over the age of 40.